After a long hiatus we are pleased to announce the monthly AltaCam ski photo contest is back in action, effective January 2013! No excuse really for where we have been with this since 2010, except that we have been working on other killer content projects including Nate’s award winning video diary that gets better which each Alta report and edit he produces. If you have not subscribed yet to our YouTube channel, it’s time to do that. You can also subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed and get notified of real time updates (Using a Mozilla Firefox browser? Subscribe with Live Bookmarks.)

So without further ado, below is the winning photo for the month for January 2013! Congratulations to Brent Benson, and photo subject Rob Greener. If you’re interested in having a go at one of the $100 gift certificates we’ll be giving away each month to winners…as well as the esteemed notoriety of having your pic featured here ;), CLICK HERE for details on how to submit your photo.

Photo by Brent Benson, Skier Rob Greener

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