After being out of commission for the past three weeks with a compressed disc it’s good to be back on snow again even if it is a mix of slush and ice.  Luckily the sub par conditions are going unnoticed as Alta is so empty it feels like you have the place to yourself.

Slopes were bulletproof this morning but started to soften up significantly by the noon hour.  Turns in Devil’s Castle were tracked but soft and groomers were ripping fast pretty much everywhere. Tomorrow looks to be even warmer so getting up there a little early might be in your best interest if you wanna avoid any sticky slush.

Zero lift lines, empty chairs and no cars in the parking lot is nice but this scene is really causing it all to sink in, the season is coming to an end.  Luckily their is a storm on the horizon and if  history repeats itself we’ll likely see a couple more dumps before it’s all said and done.

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