The local news reported 7 inches in LCC so we went for the early ups we had scheduled with Alta management. There was a discrepancy on the mid-mountain tally from last night so we were hoping it was indeed 7 and not the 2 Alta was actually reporting. Unfortunately it was 2. Anywhere that was beat up (most of Wildcat) from yesterday was basically dust on crust. We got a few good turns on upper Upper Punch Bowl. And actually the dust on crust wasn’t half bad with the perfect skies we had today. But it wasn’t what we had come up here for. 
So off to the side country we went. Rocky Point was almost untouched with fluffy beautiful snow. Nate whipped out his drone and caught some sick shots of our buddy Colby, who manages the DPH, and Erika another Alta local shredder. Setting the booter (we know, we’re way behind in gear) out of Rocky Point was a bit brutal. The air was freezing and our toes were beyond numb. We were thinking no way did we want to continue upwards. But then out of nowhere it seemed, there was an already set booter to the top of Patsy Marley! We couldn’t believe our eyes. We thought we were the only two skiers stupid enough to still boot it. It was such a relief. Thank you masked stranger. Patsy was smooth and blower just like her cousin Rocky. Oh what a day in the side country! 

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