Compared to our trip up Suicide Chute in May last year when the chute ended in a waterfall and continued down as rock talus to the road, this year truly was a walk in the park! Snow still touches the road and there weren’t any rocks on the run itself. There were however many wet slides to contend with, that were so consistent our buddies’ boot pack from about 16 hours previous was gone in most places.
Towards the top a wet slide came down right at us to which we actually had to dodge to the right to avoid. At the cornice we heard some noise in the snow indicating more wet slides might occur. I dropped in first for the drone shot and when I pulled off to the right to set up my camera the entire chute was wet sliding from multiple origin points. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to film it! Midway down a very large wet slide came down to our east, we were not in its path but again missed the camera shot as everything was happening fast.
As for the skiing, the snow was very soft, had a tiny grab to it, and the surface was very uneven as wet slide paths had grooved out the chute. Still a lot of fun making turns down it! 

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