The storm ended during the day on Friday. Saturday we missed when The Shoulder and Backside opened up with tons of new snow on both. We figured it’d be getting tracked inbounds by Sunday so our plan was to go straight out to Rocky.
Nate sacrificed a lot of his early skiing to try out his new gimble rig with the new DSLR. We got one great shot, a camera malfunction on 2nd, and we ran out of sun for the last attempt.  We took another line from the top, Nate manned the drone, and we both found more amazing untouched snow. 
We ran into much fewer skiers than we had planned on in the sidecountry so that was nice to not have to hurry into the untouched lines (the new camera rig takes some time to set up and the whole process requires a number of steps). We spun three laps back there and headed home quick for our nephew’s birthday party. What a great day and more snow forecast through Christmas! Merry Merry! 

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