At this point Alta has seen a storm total of 30″ and counting.  It’s been a week to remember.  I feel like I’ve skied more powder days this year than groomer days and my legs can attest to that.

Not much opened today as you would expect from all the snowfall and high winds.  It really didn’t matter however as there wasn’t much of a crowd helping to keep most areas fresh well into the afternoon.

The snow was a little thick but because of the winds smoothing everything out you could ski as fast as you wanted knowing that you were able to dump speed at a moments notice.  I found the best snow in Westward Ho where the trees were helping to protect from the wind.  The weather looks to be drying out for the weekend and with a holiday coming up expect lots of crowds!


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  1. Utah needs a Cog Train that goes up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Rode some in Switzerland and they were awesome. Would help with the parking issues. I figure that there would be stops at Snowbird and Alta, perhaps later a tunnel over to Brighton and Solitude and then Park City area resorts.

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