Utah got two major dumps in a row. So much snow fell that Alta was closed for a portion of yesterday’s normal hours. The road was closed for most of the day and night.

Today was a different story. The storm cleared and Alta Ski Patrol was able to get a lot of terrain open, and early. The High Traverse first run was absolutely bomber. I found a line above Jitterbug without a track and we were over 100 back from first chair. Nate went right for the Church Double and stomped. Backside unfortunately had a lot of slide debris, but we still found the goods. The Shoulder was skiing deep and skiers were absolutely going bonkers. I saw big 3s and tons of kids were hitting the double airs. It was a downright session.
Things got tracked by mid afternoon and we chose to venture into the side country. We found fantastic snow up high in Rocky Point but also found some wind affected lower down. Tuscarora looked so pretty on our hike to Patsey Marley that we chose instead to ski it. The drone shot Nate grabbed was the elusive shot he’d been hoping for. What a day! 

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