We had a fantastic day in the sidecountry on Sunday so Tuesday it was time to give the kids a chance at shredding. With the inversion setting up in the valley it was a perfect day to get up to Alta and enjoy the sunny skies and mild temps.
Leo is now almost 5 and Kai is 2. Leo is on his own and I follow close behind guiding him around crowds of skiers and telling him when to slow down. 
It was Kai’s first day actually weighting his skis and he could not have been happier to finally feel what it was like to freely slide on snow. Nate set Kai up with a mic and we captured some cute-kid-skiing-for-his-first-time gold. 
It was a great day to spend up in the mountains with the kiddies. Lots more snow on the way for the holidays let the fun continue! 

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