We got up there really late. Like 1pm late. But it was graupling a bit and an hour later it was moderately snowing and continued for a good part of the afternoon.
We spun a number of laps on Thirds each ending in either Powder Paradise, North Rustler, Eagle’s Nest, Garbage Chute, or Regal to Rustler 4.

Firsts of the winter for Regal to Rustler 4 as well as a first taking Garbage Chute from the top. That was probably the highlight for me, the speed coming out and how many rocks happened to be in the speed scrub zone made it very exhilarating and I had to tell Nate it was not advisable to repeat. Rustler 4 had some deep untouched turns, Regal was smooth but still has a big rock in the middle of it. Powder Paradise was fast and fun and getting filled in.

All around fantastic skiing today. Tomorrow should hopefully see some more openings! 

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