When I woke up this morning still feeling tired and cozy in bed and I saw there was only 3 inches of fresh, I’ll admit I wanted to be a bum and bail. But Nate wasn’t having any of that so I bucked up and got up. 
By the time we were driving up canyon we were already hearing reports of it being fantastic skiing. 
By the time we were skiing we were able to confirm that this was a perfect 3 inches! Somehow, someway, everything was filled in with a nice cream and even where there were moguls the skiing was smooth and fast. 
We linked up with a couple of locals for some fresh faces and skied all over. We hit Bad News on Baldy Shoulder, Yellow Trail since upper Backside was unfortunately still closed, High Boy and Eagle’s Nest. Then we took a couple of runs down the lower lines of West Rustler. The High Traverse had some serious moguls but other than that the snow was super fast and manageable everywhere with only occasional patches of ice. What a sleeper shallow cream day! 

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