A small storm blew through leaving a couple of inches right before a colder and larger storm dropped a perfectly dense 14+ inches on Alta last night. The density of the snow was key as we weren’t punching through at all really. Obviously there were rocks that we hit, but with this denser snow cushioning the blows the skiing turned out to be surprisingly good and not nerve-wracking as you would expect in October.
We skinned up from Sunnyside, up Greely Bowl and zig-zagged up Thirds. Nate found a little chute skier’s left of Gunsight with just enough coverage and visibility to see the exposed rock. Thirds was navigable up high and downright delicious through the middle section. We then traversed to High Boy and found great snow all the way down to the creek. All in all a fantastic day. 

Wow!Nice!Very cool!

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