After a two week dry spell Winter Storm Gandolf has finally arrived. Conditions this morning were pretty brutal with most of Alta’s slopes skiing very hard and icy. By 1pm though things quickly turned around. Gandolf stormed in with a fury dumping snow at an impressive rate. The winds were howling and the temps were dropping but the skiing was fantastic. You couldn’t see anything outside of the trees so Eagle’s Nest was the place to be. There was still a hard layer under the fresh snow but with face shots back in the game it was hard to complain. Weather forecasts are calling for 9-14″ tonight with a storm total of 20-30″ by Saturday. Get your snorkels out. Tomorrow is setting up to be a great day!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”375″][/youtube]

2 Replies to “Winter Storm Gandolf Has Arrived!”

  1. Nice angles. Do people make fun of you when you ski with one pole. Haha. Katie is killin it!!

  2. I would if I were them. Not the most stylie way to ski but when you’re all by yourself you might as well switch up the angles.

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