The snow that has been accumulating at Alta the past couple of weeks has been wet and dense.  Towards the base it has gotten manky, grabby, and annoying.  It has been a very wet (for Alta’s standards) storm, but also very beneficial.  Traverses and tight rocky chutes are filling in all over the mountain and landings are solidifying.

As for today, the wind kicked up and West Buffler was in FULL effect.  Skiers were absolutely shredding the entire west face and hour after hour the shredding continued.  You could ski from the High T to the bottom of Jitterbug in under a minute easy.  Haven’t seen the edit yet but it should tell the tale.  The skiing was very fun today.  More snow to come all weekend long!

2 Replies to “West Buffler”

  1. Need new edit. Please update me on conditions at the raddest ski area in Utah. Oh, and hows Alta skiing too?

  2. Yeah Mike’s been slacking alright. That and we’ve been down at Eagle Point Ski Resort for a bachelor party all week. Certainly the raddest place i’ve ever skied.

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