5″ of dense snow fell at Alta in the past 24 hours and that’s all we needed.  Except for West Rustler, all areas were skiing soft, fast and grippy.  The deepest snow we found was on upper Eagle’s Nest where several face-shots were happily accepted.  Backside was smooth top to bottom, Devil’s Castle still had untracked turns into the afternoon, and Baldy Shoulder had plenty of untouched smooth dense snow.

The entire mountain today was fun and fast.  Smallish airs were good-to-go and speed could be taken with relative ease.  The conditions were holding late into the afternoon so tomorrow should be more of the same as the sun for almost the entire day stayed behind the clouds.  Go get it!

[youtube width=”630″ height=”360″]http://youtu.be/vlxgJ0HO-zI?list=UU2rGP92Y5oeqlcG-JbduZVw[/youtube]


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