We were all saddened to hear the news of Bill Levitt’s passing. I did not know him, but he married us in Alta on September 20th 2003. For a day or so we had the privilege of interacting with him, and he definitely had an impact. I remember him describing “Romantic Alta” to us while eyes sparkling, sitting at the Alta Lodge in the lobby. He explained that we were close to the (or possibly the) 50th couple he had married since 1971…the year I was born. Our ceremony was presented perfectly by the Mayor with a Superior backdrop. Below is my favorite quote from the Alta Lodge EulogyGary M

His priority was never his own enrichment; it was always community, nature, open spaces and people. Bill fought for what was important to him; his principles, Alta, its community, its people and its future. He was always looking to the future. Bill Levitt (1917-2009)  A Memorial for an Alta Legend

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  1. I only met Mayor Levitt once when I was at the Alta Lodge. His energy and enthusiasm was contagious. He will certainly be missed and his impact on Alta may never be matched.

  2. That one meeting seemed to be all it took for him to have a positive impact on countless people. Thanks for the comment.

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