Alta’s conditions over the past two days have kept with this weeks theme, deep and dank. Yesterday provided some of the best conditions I’ve seen all season with Mother Nature dumping copious amounts of graupel all afternoon. No one was up there and with the High T finally open you couldn’t ask for more. Say goodbye to the JitterBug bootpack! Today was equally as fun with bluebird skies above and nine fresh inches of fluff. The crowds were a bit thick at times but with most of Alta’s terrain now open you had a plethora of options to choose from. Baldy Shoulder slid big time and ruined most of it but, as long as you stuck to the Bad News area there was plenty of good snow to be found. Backside never opened likely because there was nothing but slide debris back there but besides that you had the whole mountain to slash around in. Keep it coming!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”375″][/youtube]

4 Replies to “Say Goodbye To The JitterBug Bootpack!”

  1. Finally, video documentation of C Math where he’s not flipping over the handlebars or hot tubbing it off a booter! 😉 The ski video gods are smiling upon him finally

  2. Can’t believe I made the edit with all you heavies! And thank God the high traverse is open again. The season finally started in my book.

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