The Alta Town Race Series begins on January 19th and ends in April. The series is open to anyone who wishes to participate, 18 years old or older, regardless of racing experience. The series consists of 8 races; including 4 Slaloms and 4 Giant Slaloms. Races are held on Tuesdays at the Sunnyside Area; with the exception of the finale race which is an “FIS” Style GS held on a longer trail. There are Alpine and Telemark divisions for both men and women with “A” and “B” leagues determined by ability level. Participants are welcome to race as part of a team or as individuals. Points are awarded cumulatively throughout the series. The town series culminates with a party/awards ceremony, and a great raffle held the evening of the finale race.

The Alta Town Series offers an organized, professionally run racing experience in a relaxed, affordable and fun atmosphere.

For more detailed information about the Alta Town Race series, please contact the Race Department at (801) 799-2278 or 742-3333 (ext. 278) in the town of Alta.

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