Conditions at Alta are no bueno.┬áThe groomers are a mix of patchy ice and wind buffed chalk. The High T is ruff everywhere consisting of mostly hard packed bumps. And most runs off the groomers are not worth your time. Certain areas like Tombstone and Thirds are skiing smooth but are still very hard. The winds picked up today ahead of tomorrow’s storm helping to smooth things out a bit but not enough to really make it enjoyable. Thankfully the forecast looks great with 12-24″ predicted to fall by Sunday. It’s time to break out those powder boards again!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”375″][/youtube]

4 Replies to “Adios High Pressure”

  1. Thanks man. That’s our buddy Josh. Got any new edits coming my way? Your Alta one turned out sweet!

  2. Too much footy. The”make it rain” edit was just from my first day. Where is video from today?? Looks like you guys are getting it good right now.

  3. Unfortunately couldn’t ski today. Was up in PC checking out Paul K’s ski press. Not much has piled up yet. Hopefully it gets here soon.

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