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Spring Pow

By , March 28, 2017 8:56 PM

Old man winter isn’t quite done yet!  Monday’s burst of powder brought over a foot of snow, which made for some great storm riding. The sun came out today around 10 am which led to the openings of Backside and the Shoulder. Both of them skied smooth, creamy and a little on the heavy side.  But who is complaining?  Keyhole opened shortly after, which was ripping.  

Low crowds on the mountain reduced the powder panic, giving everyone plenty of room to get their turns in. Stunning clouds and beautiful colors in the mountains makes you never want the winter to end.  The forecast looks promising with another storm expected by Thursday! Keep it up!

Refresher Storm

By , February 11, 2017 6:34 PM

This refresher storm helped tremendously after rain fell at Alta last week. Alta received 14 inches overnight and 17 inches overall from this storm, which refilled the mountain. Skiers had plenty to choose from today. Backside opened right away and the Shoulder late morning. Catherine’s and Supreme area skied soft and smooth.

It was on the warmer side today with temps in the 30s and rising through the day. Snow got a bit heavy towards the bottom. Mostly cloudy skies and some mist made for variable visibility. But it’s always a joyous occasion to make turns with friends and family. Alta has a way of replenishing the soul.

Sunday looks like it will be a clear, gorgeous day to go up to enjoy the mountains. High pressure builds this week and there is a good chance for new snow towards next weekend. Have fun and be safe up there!

Base Building Storms

By , December 11, 2016 3:19 PM

These past few days of stormy weather have certainly provided some decent skiing but even more they’ve provided a decent base.  The fresh snow came in dense and thick and was phenomenal to play in for the first few runs but once it was tracked up conditions quickly took a dive.

Alta Ski Patrol did a great job getting the mountain open but with things sliding all over the place most areas remained closed for the day.  The High T however, opened right off the bat and provided creamy smooth turns on all aspects well into the morning.

Crowds thickened up today but by lunch time lift lines were pretty minimal for a weekend pow day.  The forecast looks great for the upcoming week with another round of storms predicted to hit starting Tuesday.

Alta’s Opening Day

By , December 2, 2016 11:40 PM

This year’s opening day was certainly one to remember.  After suffering through a painfully dry preseason, the Snow Gods rewarded us generously just in the nick of time.  Rarely do you get to ski Baldy Shoulder on opening day let alone all shots off of the High T.

Crowds weren’t too bad helping to keep fresh turns around well into the afternoon.  High Boy and Baldy Shoulder were my highlights of the day but really now matter where you skied today you were treated with soft fluffy turns.

A big thanks to the Alta Ski Patrol for their hard work getting so much terrain open on day 1.  The forecast looks great again with another storm predicted to hit Monday.  Welcome to Winter!

Alta’s Closing Day

By , April 26, 2015 4:19 PM

As far as closing days go today was hard to beat.  The 13″ that fell over the past 48 hours gave Winter one last chance at redemption.  Alta skiers showed up in masses to shred some tracks one last time before the 2014-2015 season officially comes to a close.

The fresh snow, although very thick, skied great where it hadn’t been tracked but once the crud started to set up conditions quickly turned south.  Luckily with the Sugarloaf lift closed shots back in there remained fresh all day.  Alta even opened the Wildcat lift providing access into terrain that has remained closed since it started snowing.

I hope everyone enjoyed their season this year.  Thanks again for all the support!  Hopefully next year we finally see some snow.  Until then have a great summer!


Video Game Skiing

By , April 25, 2015 6:31 PM

The best way to describe today’s turns is to imagine skiing in a video game.  The snow was so thick and smooth you could fly around almost anywhere with the ability to dump speed at any moment.  Early morning turns off of the High-T were more GS style than powderesque but the ability to take speed with so much confidence made today one of my top day’s of the season.

Pretty much everything is closed at this point.  Only Collins and Sunnyside lifts remain open and none of Alta’s main gates opened today.  Very few showed up to slash around for Alta’s closing weekend and I can only imagine tomorrow will see a similar showing.  The forecast for tonight looks AMAZING with another 5-10″ tonight! Get it while you can!

The 53rd Annual Frank World Classic Ski Competition

By , April 21, 2015 8:36 PM

This year’s 53rd Annual Frank World Classic Ski Competition was the place to be this past Sunday.  With competitors throwing everything from high flying tricks to brutal crashes, spectators were treated to quite the show!

The venue wasn’t quite as done-up as last years with no tunnel or bump line to get creative in but the jumps were massive.  Everything from misty 720’s to daffy-twister-spreads were being thrown and only one participant ended up getting hurt.

Frank hasn’t seen this many party-goers yet and the event only seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  I hope everyone had a great time this year.  Until next year’s Frank.  Frank On!

Alta’s Biggest Storm Of The Season

By , April 16, 2015 8:34 PM

This past storm saw the highest snow totals for the entire season.  Yesterday was the storm day, where tracks were getting refilled run after run.  Today the sun poked out and provided some of the best pow turns of the season.  Unfortunately the High Traverse is very treacherous, with sloped icy patches that make it very difficult to navigate with any speed.

A lot of Alta’s terrain remained closed throughout both days.  Baldy Shoulder and the Backside looked oh so tempting but the high winds last night and this morning made it tough to get anything open.  Tomorrow looks to have untouched snow ready for the taking!

Alta Is Still Ripping

By , April 10, 2015 9:37 PM

The scorching temps today did little to turn us away from the newly opened Main Chute and Devil’s Castle.  With a foot of untouched fresh both areas were skiing fantastic.  Devil’s Castle skied extremely smooth and buttery and was by far the place to be all day.  Main Chute skied great early on but quickly manked up and was pretty sun affected by early afternoon.

The rest of the mountain is pretty beat up but still fun at lower speeds.  The weekend looks to be sunny and warm and there’s definitely still some fluff left in the Castle Apron.  Get it before the sun does!

Bye Bye Ice Layer

By , April 9, 2015 4:56 PM

Last night’s additional 4″ did wonders for Alta’s snowpack.  The hard crusty layer is now barely noticeable and high speed turns are now good to go.  Alta Ski Patrol had most gates open by mid morning helping to spread out the few people still skiing.

Backside and Baldy Shoulder held the top turns of the day with their silky smooth slopes and nonexistent bumps.   Thirds and High Boy were skiing great well into the day as no one seems to want to tangle with the High T.  A.M. routes are scheduled for both Devil’s Castle and Main Chute so if you missed today don’t miss tomorrow!