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Alta’s Top 10 Intermediate Runs

By , January 21, 2017 7:45 PM

Alta has a reputation as being a mecca for experts; however there are plenty of turns to be had for those mere mortal, moderate skiers. There are plenty of wide open, modest pitch blue/green runs for beginners, intermediates and for those who are interested in going off-piste.  You can also find intermediate bowls for those just learning how to ski powder.  If you are a beginner or intermediate skier, check out my top favorite blue/green runs here at Alta.


Mambo to Corkscrew

This combo run is for intermediate skiers which allow you to ski top to bottom, without stopping.  Ride Collins lift up and ski down Mambo and at approximately 2/3 of the way down you will catch Meadow and then connect to Corkscrew for the final leg. Alta recently invested in widening the top of Corkscrew to make it a more desirable run, which is now seamless from top to bottom.  


Devil’s Way to Devil’s Elbow

Ride Collins back up and just over the top drop in to Devil’s Way. It’s pretty steep at first, and then will level out. Be sure to keep your speed for the longer flat ahead. This will turn into Devil’s Elbow which meanders down the mountain at the perfect pitch. Be sure and stop to check out Devil’s Castle, a dark rugged peak that arises above Cecret Lake, for a view of the ultimate backdrop.


Upper Big Dipper to Rock N’ Roll

The main blue off of Supreme lift is Upper Big Dipper. This is a challenging Blue that allows you to ski down while being able to check out the black diamonds that jut down below.  Maybe you try those blacks next time ? About half way down, keep left and merge onto Rock N’ Roll for an Alta favorite.


Crooked Mile

For those who are still in the beginner stage, anything off of Sunnyside will be good for you. Remember that Alta offers a ski lift ticket for $5 after 3 pm on Sunnyside lift. Pretty awesome deal if you are teaching your kid to ski or have just started yourself. The Crooked Mile is my favorite off of Sunnyside.  This run strolls on down back to the lift, giving the skier views of back country locals beloved Patsy Marley. It also gives you direct access to Alta Java, located at Albion, where you can stop by a pick me up.


Aggie’s Alley

This solid blue run is located right off of Wildcat Lift. This does have a steeper pitch, but when you are ready for it, it will turn into a favorite. Aggie’s Alley drops you off at mid mountain where you can catch Meadow down and then hang right to the Rustler Cat Track.  Here you can enjoy a very modest pitch slope that ambles down the mountain back to Collins.


Sweet N’ Easy

Cecret lift is the most majestic and tranquil lift at Alta. It’s slow moving, but worth the beauty you get to witness.  The peaceful nature of this area is one not to be missed. There are two green runs off the top, Rabbit and Sweet N’ Easy. Life doesn’t get much better than that.


Racecourse Saddle

Another favorite off of Collins is Racecourse Saddle. You catch the Saddle Traverse from Mambo about a quarter of the way down. You turn right on to the traverse and it drops you off at the top of Racecourse Saddle. This steeper pitch is for upper intermediates who are feeling confident and ready to try some of the more difficult blues.



For those intermediate skiers that want to stretch their powder experience, you’ll want to make sure you try out Ballroom, located at the top of Collins and directly under Mount Baldy. This isn’t a groomed run and you will need to traverse to get there, which is why it is considered a blue square and black diamond combo.  Ballroom is a wide open bowl where you can practice skiing powder. It links directly up with Main Street, a moderate Blue run. So if you are having trouble, remember there is an escape route just around the corner. Nearly all the trails at Alta will connect with an easy way down, so don’t fret!



Similar to Ballroom in the sense that this is not a groomed run, Catherine’ offers those that have conquered the rest of the mountain a new set of challenges.  The slopes in this remote area are mild with a gentle pitch.  Accessible off of the Supreme Chair, Catherine’s provide skiers with a great place to start dialing in those off-piste skills.  The snow is always soft so don’t worry if you fall, it won’t hurt.


Greely Hill

Probably the most difficult of our top 10 intermediate runs because of it’s intimidating access.  To find this area you will have to overcome the rat-race that is the High-T.  Once you reach the top of Alta from the Collins lift follow signs for the High Traverse.  Take it slow as this traverse can become bumpy and icy days after a storm.  Follow the traverse all the way until you reach a green carpet that wraps you around to the backside of Alta.  From there continue North until you see the friendly slopes of Greely Hill to your right.  Wide open and always fresh up top, Greely Hill will give you a chance to see some of the areas where you’ll be skiing once you graduate to Alta’s expert runs.


Almost 40 percent of the terrain at Alta is considered suitable for skiers with intermediate skills. What a great mountain to try and stretch those abilities!  


Top 10 Runs At Alta

By , February 22, 2014 5:41 PM

Alta Ski Area has a plethora of top notch runs that can compete with any ski resort in North America. Trying to break them down into the “Top 10 Runs at Alta” isn’t easy. I’ve definitely left many out but on any given pow day if you end up on one of the runs listed below you will be grinning from cheek to cheek.

#1 High Boy – Otherwise known as High Rustler, this shot is the crown jewel of runs on any given powder day. Dropping 2,000 vertical feet right in view of the Collins lift line, this run will not only give you the chance to show off your skills but will also treat you to one of Alta’s most iconic runs.

#2 Main Chute – Rarely opens but when Ski Patrol drops the gate at the EBT skiers everywhere on the mountain flock to this steep chute. A right of passage for any tourist looking for a run to brag about, this is the Corbet’s Couloir of Alta!

#3 Eddie’s High Nowhere – Hard to catch fresh but if you’re one of the first 10 people dropping in to this line you’ll be rewarded with the most back to back pow turns on the mountain. Skiers beware though, accessing this run requires some serious traversing skills.

#4 Patsy Marley – Technically not considered part of Alta’s inbounds terrain it still deserves a spot on the top 10 list. Accessed from the Supreme lift and less than an hour hike, skiers are treated to guaranteed untracked lines all day long.

#5 Eagle’s Nest – Easily one of the best areas on the mountain during a storm day. The perfectly spaced trees provide great viz when the rest of the mountain is socked in. Hidden chutes and cliffs are scattered all over the place but you’ll need a local to find them.

#6 Bad News – A great spot for huckers to tee off without having to travel out into Rocky Point to find soft landings. Filled with everything from double-stagers to 80 footers this is the zone to show off how ballsy you are.

#7 West Buffler – Actually called West Rustler this area consists of a number of tree chutes that on the right day can quickly keep a skier coming back run after run. Winds will sweep across refilling and buffing out everyone’s tracks before they are even out of their turn.

#8 Westward Ho – If you’re looking for a natural slopestyle course this is the place. Perfect lips, hits, and cliffs are scattered all over this area. Not only can you test your jibbing skills here but if the rest of the mountain is shredded you can still find untouched tracks even on last chair.

#9 Devil’s Castle – Normally remaining closed days after the last storm this area will give you a shot for redemption if you were stuck at work during the last dump. Wide open bowls drop away from Alta’s most picturesque rock walls providing some of the most stunning views of the resort.

#10 Supreme Bowl – Short but sweet, this area contains some of Alta’s most defined chutes. A quick hike from the Supreme Lift will take you to the goods where you’ll find a plethora of steep couloirs and fantastic snow conditions.

Bonus Run: Keyhole – Although technically part of Snowbird’s terrain, this area is more conveniently accessed through Alta’s gates. Positioned right off the Wildcat lift, when Patrol drops this gate you better be ready. You’ll find some of the deepest turns of your life in these shots and with Snowbird skiers having to work twice as hard to access it these lines will stay fresh well into the afternoon.