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By , December 18, 2016 8:46 PM

Brrrrrrr! Arctic cold temps and two feet of fresh snow made for some killer laps this weekend with numerous lodge breaks in between. Interlodge was in effect until 7:30 am Saturday morning creating a snake up canyon, but the wait was well worth it. Everything off the High T was skiing deep and smooth. Catherine’s area opened up midday with the Spiney Chutes skiing creamy. A sun dog lingered throughout the day, treating all the skiers to stunning views.
Sunday brought even cooler temps, blue bird skies and low crowds. Backside and the Shoulder opened mid-morning, providing all of us with deep, fresh, glorious powder! Rest the body and get ready for the next storm, forecasted to hit Christmas weekend.

Puke Day

By , December 16, 2016 10:16 PM

What a wild storm day! With 11 inches of high density snow over night with moderate- high winds up top, lots of bomb and avalanche control work were needed from Alta Patrol.  The mountain opened by 9:30 and The High T opened by 10:00. Ski conditions were fun, mostly riding on top for surfy turns, soft debris in the steeper areas, and thicker snow in the lower elevations. 

As the day progressed winds picked up and the next wave of the storm hit, bringing graupel which made for great skiing on West Rustler and free refills all over.  As the graupel fell, temps dropped bringing thunder and lightning shutting down the mountain immediately.

Lifts opened back up in an hour, but the High T remained closed.   The lighter density snow fall in the afternoon made for even greater skiing.  There is more snow in the forecast and temps will be dropping so be prepared to bundle up! The weekend will bring more fresh snow, Christmas crowds and eventually sunshine.

Base Building Storms

By , December 11, 2016 3:19 PM

These past few days of stormy weather have certainly provided some decent skiing but even more they’ve provided a decent base.  The fresh snow came in dense and thick and was phenomenal to play in for the first few runs but once it was tracked up conditions quickly took a dive.

Alta Ski Patrol did a great job getting the mountain open but with things sliding all over the place most areas remained closed for the day.  The High T however, opened right off the bat and provided creamy smooth turns on all aspects well into the morning.

Crowds thickened up today but by lunch time lift lines were pretty minimal for a weekend pow day.  The forecast looks great for the upcoming week with another round of storms predicted to hit starting Tuesday.

Alta’s Opening Day

By , December 2, 2016 11:40 PM

This year’s opening day was certainly one to remember.  After suffering through a painfully dry preseason, the Snow Gods rewarded us generously just in the nick of time.  Rarely do you get to ski Baldy Shoulder on opening day let alone all shots off of the High T.

Crowds weren’t too bad helping to keep fresh turns around well into the afternoon.  High Boy and Baldy Shoulder were my highlights of the day but really now matter where you skied today you were treated with soft fluffy turns.

A big thanks to the Alta Ski Patrol for their hard work getting so much terrain open on day 1.  The forecast looks great again with another storm predicted to hit Monday.  Welcome to Winter!

The Snow Keeps Coming!

By , November 30, 2016 11:01 AM

Alta is now reporting a storm total of 41″.  Just what we needed for opening day coming this Friday.  Alta’s base is now likely deep enough to get most areas on the mountain open.  Opening day should be one to remember.

Since lifts aren’t running quite yet we decided to hike across the road from Alta in the Emma’s area.  The skiing was absolutely phenomenal!  Easily one of the deepest days of the year.  We found no rocks in sight and skied bottomless pow top to bottom.  The forecast looks to be shaping up nicely with another storm rolling in Thursday night.  See you on the slopes Friday morning!

Deepest Preseason Day Yet

By , November 28, 2016 5:56 PM

I don’t often say there was too much snow but today was a little bit much.  We skied in Grizzly Gulch and it was really hard to stay on top and not get stuck.

The avalanche conditions were super sketchy so venturing into steeper terrain was not an option but the few turns we were able to link up were pretty magical.  Alta is reporting a storm total of 32″ with more to come tonight.  It’s been one hell of a week so far.  Keep it coming!

First High Boy of the Season

By , November 22, 2016 2:22 PM

Alta received a foot of fresh in the past 24 hours making for some surprisingly tasty turns today.  You wouldn’t think things would be as filled in as they are considering our dismal season so far.  But, somehow coverage is pretty good.

I skied a High Boy lap and really only hit one rock.  The weather was gorgeous up there today and with another storm on the horizon turkey day turns should be shaping up nicely if you’re willing to hike for it.  Alta plans to open December 2nd so keep doing your snow dance.  It’s working!


Alta’s First Dump

By , October 9, 2016 12:32 PM

Alta received it’s first significant snowfall of the season on September 24.  Over 15″ were reported making for some skiable turns.  Rocks and stumps were everywhere but if you skied cautiously you could avoid damage to your skis.  I decided to give Baldy Shoulder a shot and was pleasantly surprised by the conditions only hitting one rock on the way down.

A few brave shredders that day tackled Main Chute with decent results in the gut of the chute.  It looks like were back to sunny warm temps for the next couple of weeks but winter will be here before you know it!

The First Last Annual Frank World Classic Ski Competition

By , May 6, 2016 12:19 PM

This year’s Frank may or may not have been the last.  Let’s hope not because once again the festivities reminded us just how much fun the party known simply as Frank can be.  Locals worked extra hard this past week to build a stage for the announcing crew and others took on the even larger project of building a series of jumps.  A tunnel was constructed with at least 6 huge kickers surrounding it.  A less-than-Bud-mogul-tour quality bump line was also in place down the gut of Punch Bowl.

Skiers were as usual throwing huge tricks and taking crazy speed in to the kickers.  And the party of onlookers was larger than any of the previous years.  First place went to local Andrew Pollard, for no particular reason and that’s how we like it.  Cheers to everyone who participated and those who just showed up to drink.

Alta’s 2016 Closing Day

By , April 25, 2016 10:29 AM

Alta’s closing day was one to remember.  If it weren’t for last year’s impressive final day I’d say this was by far the best closing day in memory.  A 13″ storm total provided exceptional skiing conditions.  The snow came in thick but not sticky.  You could carry speed without concern pretty much everywhere.  Alta’s slopes were so smooth it felt like a race course on all aspects.

Nobody showed up for opening chair giving the die-hards a country club like day for the first two hours.  By the time the late day party goers showed Alta Ski Patrol dropped the Devil’s Castle gates to those with backcountry gear.  It’s pretty rare to ski the Castle this empty and untracked making for a very memorable end to the season.

A big thank you to everyone who helped support the blog this season!  See you all next year!