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Weekend Warrior’s Pow!

By , February 25, 2013 12:36 AM

If you had a long work week Mother Nature evidently felt your pain. Dropping 17″ over the past 48 hours you couldn’t have asked for better pow days. Although voluptuous, last nights snowfall was a bit thick and in most places didn’t allow for any deep trenching turns. Skiing the Backside you almost felt like you were skiing on a groomer as you really didn’t sink in to the fresh pow at all. Keyhole seemed to be the one exception as face shots and waist deep turns were a-plenty. In Rocky Point Alta locales were hucking their meat throwing ginormous airs off of both A and B Frame. Our next system looks to make it’s way in starting tomorrow night and is forecasted to bring us 5-10″ of additional snowfall. Don’t put away those pow boards yet!

Powder Returns To The Wasatch!

By , December 10, 2012 9:14 PM

The past few days at Alta have easily been the best skiing conditions we’ve seen since Winter Storm Brutus. The eight inches that fell in the past 12 hours mixed perfectly with strong winds; creating deep, silky smooth, super face-shotty, free refill, hero skiing conditions. You couldn’t go wrong no matter where you skied today. Every run seemed to exceed the previous one. The mountain was so empty if felt like one of those lucky, the road is closed, country club days. With snow still falling as of lifts closing, tomorrow should be another epic day to come up and play at Alta.

Winter Storm Brutus

By , November 13, 2012 1:02 PM

Mother Nature is BACK! After falling asleep at the wheel last season she is off and running early this year. With a massive 51″ dump over the weekend skiers and snowboarders were treated to conditions that rivaled even the best of powder days last season. Most resorts closed their slopes to uphill traffic but with the Wasatch’s endless amount of backcountry terrain skiers and snowboarders had plenty of options for tracking down those priceless face-shots. We found some great snow on Sunday at Brighton but were even more impressed with our turns yesterday across the street from Alta in Cardiff Pass. Alta plans to open for the season this Friday, November 16th so get your boards waxed and ready. If this weekend’s storm is any indication of whats to come it should be another fantastic winter to spend at Alta.

Alta 75th Anniversary Pale Ale

By , November 8, 2012 3:37 PM

This year we are celebrating 75 years of skiing at Alta. What a milestone! LCC is, and always has been, the POWDER SKIING mecca and no doubt piles up “The Greatest Snow on Earth” year after year after year.

It’s about to start snowing as I type this, and I can surely speak for EVERY Altafarian when I say BRING ON THE 2012/13 SEASON!! Follow The Daily POW on Facebook or bookmark this blog because we have some killer plans for this year, including tons more short videos and other content on daily ski conditions from the motherland.

In 1878 there were 26 saloons in the town of Alta. This isn’t out of the ordinary until you consider that the Alta directory lists only 19 other businesses at that time. True, times have changed. Après mining has been replaced by après skiing. Yet ending the day with a quality brew has withstood the test of time.

So yep, to celebrate their 75th anniversary, Alta and Wasatch Beers collaborated to bring us Alta’s 75th Anniversary Ale. I have not tasted it yet, but hear it’s worthy and legit. Keep an eye our for this brew, and gear up! Deep days are near.

Photos by Tara Thomas

More info:

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›› Alta 75th Anniversary Ale (Ski Bum Poet)

Alta’s Closing Day

By , April 30, 2012 10:06 AM

Alta’s closing day turned out to be another beautiful day in the sun. Temps remained just cool enough to keep the snow from getting too slushy or sticky. The high avalanche conditions kept the High T closed so unfortunately there was no celebrating going on at the end of the day atop of High Rustler. Skiers still came dressed to impress and with live music to keep the party rolling you couldn’t ask for a better end to the season. Thanks to everyone who helped make this another great year to be an Alta skier! See you all in November.

Alta Skiers Celebrating Another Great Season

Alta’s Final Weekend

By , April 27, 2012 7:11 PM

Six inches fell last night at Alta with another two falling during the day. Unfortunately with only the Collins lift running and the High T remaining closed options were very limited. What little terrain did open skied great. The 8″ of graupel did a wonderful job hiding the icy chunder beneath. Fred’s trees were skiing decent in spots as long as you only turned where it was obviously soft. If you traversed into the Wildcat area there were plenty of fresh, smooth lines to be had. The mountain stayed completely empty all day keeping conditions soft into the afternoon. It looks like we’ll see sunny skies for the remainder of the weekend so get out and enjoy the last of Alta’s 2011-2012 season.

Wildcat Trees - Katie Fillnow

One Weekend Left!

By , April 22, 2012 5:59 PM

The skiing over the weekend was not half bad despite the extremely warm temperatures. Corn was abundant in the morning hours and was skiing fast and grippy. In the afternoon the snow started to get very sticky and any of the freshly fallen snow from earlier this week that hadn’t been skied up yet thickened into mashed potatoes. There were still good turns to be found on High Boy thanks to the ample amount of skier traffic, creating some soft zipper lines. You could also find some fun turns in West Rustler and Eagle’s Nest but the snow was skiing noticeably more grabby than High Boy. All of Alta’s lifts besides Collins were closed this weekend so don’t expect anymore Wildcat or Sugarloaf runs. There’s still one more weekend left though so get your last Collins laps in while you can.

High Boy - Mike Fillnow

High Boy - Steve Verdugo

The Powder Continues

By , April 14, 2012 10:22 AM

The conditions at Alta right now are not to be missed. Friday morning skiers woke to a storm total of 23 inches and with skies clearing Alta shredders were treated to some of the best conditions of the year. Alta Ski Patrol opened the Backside and Baldy Shoulder gates by 9:45 giving the few people that were there plenty of deep powder options. With such a small crowd spread out over the entire mountain fresh lines were sticking around well into the afternoon. Looks like we’ll see even more snow and maybe some sun by Sunday afternoon. Should be a good day for Alta’s annual High Boy Party. Party safe everyone!

Vintage Alta Powder, January 1974

By , November 11, 2009 3:23 AM

This is classic footage that’s been circulating around the forum for a couple of years now. But it warrants a post here as well because all Alta skier’s (from any decade!) should see eat. This is a high quality version Mark put together recently. Enjoy…