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Chalky Alta Skiing

By , November 26, 2013 7:52 PM

Conditions off-piste at Alta are holding steady at skiable. Currently: Chalky Alta Skiing! The Tower 10 traverse past West Rustler has sections reduced to pure rock and dirt. But if you’re feeling adventurous the skiing out that way (High Boy) is chalky and lonely but not icy. Groomers aren’t half-bad either with pockets of soft snow on the shoulders. Slopes that are in the sun have been softening up nicely by midday. The bottom line is Utah needs more snow,  which is on it’s way starting Sun-Mon of next week. Inversions are building in the valley so my suggestion: get on up here and enjoy the fresh air while waiting for the fresh pow.

Winter Storm Gandolf Forgets His Magic Staff

By , January 12, 2013 10:32 PM

Although the current conditions at Alta are hard to complain about, seeing the snowfall totals from around the state role in it’s hard not to wonder what happened. Even the Salt Lake valley crushed Alta’s meager 14″. According to the Utah Avalanche Center it was simply too cold to snow in the upper elevations. This makes sense as it was very Very VERY cold. It was painful to bust out more than three laps without checking in to the lodge for a cup of hot cocoa. Thank goodness the gettin’ was good. Alta Ski Patrol opened the Key Hole gate early in the morning Friday but outside of that and Catherine’s all other gates remained closed. The weather looks stable tomorrow so get ready for some untracked Baldy Shoulder and Backside laps.

Winter Storm Gandolf Has Arrived!

By , January 10, 2013 8:55 PM

After a two week dry spell Winter Storm Gandolf has finally arrived. Conditions this morning were pretty brutal with most of Alta’s slopes skiing very hard and icy. By 1pm though things quickly turned around. Gandolf stormed in with a fury dumping snow at an impressive rate. The winds were howling and the temps were dropping but the skiing was fantastic. You couldn’t see anything outside of the trees so Eagle’s Nest was the place to be. There was still a hard layer under the fresh snow but with face shots back in the game it was hard to complain. Weather forecasts are calling for 9-14″ tonight with a storm total of 20-30″ by Saturday. Get your snorkels out. Tomorrow is setting up to be a great day!

Devil’s Castle Opens

By , January 3, 2013 6:18 PM

Devils Castle opened today for the first time this season. The early shots got tracked up quick but very few were venturing all the way out. The snow was velvety smooth and creamy allowing for as much speed as you could take. The Apron was decent but not necessarily worth the hike as the skiing was just as good if not better along the main wall. Alta was empty today so there’s plenty of lines left if you’re thinking about getting after it tomorrow. Happy shredding!

Alta Just Keeps Gettin’ Better!

By , December 18, 2012 10:25 PM

Today at Alta was one of those pow days where everything seemed to work out perfectly. High T runs in the morning were untracked and deep. By about 11am gates to Backside and Baldy Shoulder opened and skiers were able to disperse and find their own stashes well into the afternoon. Later in the day we ventured out into Rocky Point. After digging a pit and getting favorable results, we dropped in and found the best snow on the mountain. Had to put the boot-pack in so for those of you venturing out tomorrow, you’re welcome. Enjoy!

Blower Pow Shredin’

By , December 16, 2012 10:41 PM

With a storm total of 26″ and 13″ falling in the past 24 hours the skiing at Alta today was exceptionally dank. For a weekend pow day the lift lines weren’t too bad, either. The morning started out a bit sluggish but by 11am the line died out completely. It dumped from opening to close supplying fresh refills throughout the day. Alta Ski Patrol opened the Backside gate sometime around noon and it was definitely the place to be. The viz was ruff but the snow was so deep and soft it really didn’t matter. The forecast for tomorrow looks amazing but make sure you layer up as the wind speeds are predicted to reach 90mph and above. Ouch!

Powder Returns To The Wasatch!

By , December 10, 2012 9:14 PM

The past few days at Alta have easily been the best skiing conditions we’ve seen since Winter Storm Brutus. The eight inches that fell in the past 12 hours mixed perfectly with strong winds; creating deep, silky smooth, super face-shotty, free refill, hero skiing conditions. You couldn’t go wrong no matter where you skied today. Every run seemed to exceed the previous one. The mountain was so empty if felt like one of those lucky, the road is closed, country club days. With snow still falling as of lifts closing, tomorrow should be another epic day to come up and play at Alta.

Supreme Lift Opens A Day Early!

By , December 7, 2012 7:57 PM

Considering most of us weren’t expecting the Supreme Lift to open until tomorrow, hearing that it was going to open at 1pm today was a pleasant surprise. Alta Ski Patrol chose to open it a day early as a way of getting some skier compaction in before tomorrow’s storm moves in. Supreme Bowl and Catherine’s skied as fast as you could ski it. The snow was creamy smooth and the coverage was good enough to allow skiers access into most of the Supreme chutes. If you missed today’s opening don’t worry, there’s plenty of fresh left and I imagine the now lift-accessible Rocky Point has lots of great snow to slash around in. Get some!

Where’d The Snow Go?

By , November 28, 2012 10:12 PM

Alta has seen better days. With no fresh snow in almost two weeks conditions are starting to feel rather pathetic. Alta Ski Patrol recently made it possible to access Baldy Shoulder without having to navigate the rock gauntlet. The snow was hit or miss but in between the wind effected crust was some decent cream. Traversing the now rocky High T out to High Boy is unimpressive both out and down. West Rustler is still skiing ok but the fabulous chalk we had a couple days ago is mostly gone. Snow forecasts are looking decent for late this weekend. Alta sure could use a fresh plastering.

Flat Lit Chalk Shots

By , November 25, 2012 6:47 PM

Opening week at Alta turned out to be one to remember with numerous premo days. Unfortunately, Mother Nature’s early snowfall is starting to show it’s age. Traverses are becoming rocky and slopes hard packed and icy. However, venturing out to High Boy is still worth the trip. Even with the low-light viz we found plenty of decent turns, especially in the upper section where it skied smooth and chalky. You had no problem digging an edge in and with the snap of a ski you could blast yourself with some chalk shots that almost made you feel like you were skiing deep for a moment. The lower section, although a bit more bumpy, had some perfectly aged graupel to turn in. It looks like the sun will poke its head out again tomorrow and with the small holiday crowd gone you should have no reason not to shred.

Dusty Baldwin – High Boy