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First High Boy of the Season

By , November 22, 2016 2:22 PM

Alta received a foot of fresh in the past 24 hours making for some surprisingly tasty turns today.  You wouldn’t think things would be as filled in as they are considering our dismal season so far.  But, somehow coverage is pretty good.

I skied a High Boy lap and really only hit one rock.  The weather was gorgeous up there today and with another storm on the horizon turkey day turns should be shaping up nicely if you’re willing to hike for it.  Alta plans to open December 2nd so keep doing your snow dance.  It’s working!


Alta 2013 Opening Day

By , November 22, 2013 9:31 PM

The Alta 2013 opening day was spectacular! They opened with four lifts (Collins, Wild Cat, Sugarloaf, Sunnyside) and tons of terrain. Unfortunately the High T remained closed all day but probably for good reason considering the low snow pack. Patrol bombed the crap out of Baldy Shoulder for most of the morning but never managed to get it open. They were definitely setting off quite a few slides so it really wasn’t too surprising that they kept it closed.

What terrain they did open however skied great. The fresh snow from the past week provided a decent base for venturing out along Tower 10 and tapping into Lone Pine, High Boy, and Stonecrusher…which all skied fantastic. Wild Cat had a delayed opening this morning but started spinning around 10am. This coming weeks forecast doesn’t look very snowy but I’m sure it will turn around soon enough. Enjoy Alta this weekend everyone!

Main Chute Shreddin’

By , November 4, 2013 4:28 PM

The skiing over the past few days at Alta hasn’t really stacked up to the conditions from last week. Alta received 3-4″ over the weekend but the strong winds and packed parking lot really took their tole on the more popular areas. High Boy skied decent yesterday but it’s wind affected slopes really didn’t allow you to dig in much. Main Chute today was pretty tracked out from the busy weekend crowd but still skied deep down low along the side walls. This weeks forecast looks somewhat active but no major accumulations are expected.

High Boy and Gunsight Are Good to Go

By , October 14, 2013 7:58 PM

Not exactly sure how much snow fell at Alta yesterday but it felt like somewhere in the 6-8″ range.  The fresh snow fell as graupel and made for some great coverage in Gunsight and High Boy.  We triggered a small slide in Gunsight but nothing substantial.  Definitely be careful if you decide to head out skiing.  Backcountry conditions officially exist.

 High Boy skied a little rockier than Gunsight but still wasn’t all that bad for this early in the season.  We hit a few rocks down low but most of the upper elevation slopes are really starting to show signs of good coverage.  Although there is no major storm in the forecast temps look to remain low so decent skiing should last for another couple of days.  Be careful out there!



Happy 75th Anniversary, Alta!

By , November 16, 2012 11:04 PM

Alta’s 75th Anniversary season kicked off this morning with plenty to write home about. Alta Ski Patrol opened all of their lifts, besides Supreme and Cecret, and even better opened most of their terrain. Considering that the High T didn’t open until January 26th last season, having it open on day one felt pretty good. There were still plenty of rocks around but with the creamy smooth snow conditions it was hard to complain. Baldy Shoulder and Ballroom skied extremely well especially if you ventured further out and braved the rocky section of the traverse. Thirds skied equally well minus the more noticeable rocky sections. High Boy was decent down low but the upper section was completely ruined by a slide that went pretty much down to the rock. Overall it was a fantastic opening to the 2012-2013 Alta ski season and with more snow on the way we’ll be trading out our rock skis in no time.

One Weekend Left!

By , April 22, 2012 5:59 PM

The skiing over the weekend was not half bad despite the extremely warm temperatures. Corn was abundant in the morning hours and was skiing fast and grippy. In the afternoon the snow started to get very sticky and any of the freshly fallen snow from earlier this week that hadn’t been skied up yet thickened into mashed potatoes. There were still good turns to be found on High Boy thanks to the ample amount of skier traffic, creating some soft zipper lines. You could also find some fun turns in West Rustler and Eagle’s Nest but the snow was skiing noticeably more grabby than High Boy. All of Alta’s lifts besides Collins were closed this weekend so don’t expect anymore Wildcat or Sugarloaf runs. There’s still one more weekend left though so get your last Collins laps in while you can.

High Boy - Mike Fillnow

High Boy - Steve Verdugo