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Black Diamond Gigawatt Ski

By , January 22, 2012 1:57 AM

Black Diamond Gigawatt SkiToday was the day to test out these mother ship of a ski. The day kept getting better and better as it progressed towards closing time. The Black Diamond Gigawatt Ski is truly a powder ski and will not steer you wrong. And yes winter has finally arrived in the Wasatch, and we all hope it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Black Diamond Gigawatt Ski was designed after it’s predecessor, the Megawatt Ski (still one of my all time favorite ski –check them The Gigawatt is basically the Megawatt ski on drugs. It features larger dimensions to make you look like a rock star on days like today.

The Gigawatt comes with a rocker tip and tail with no camber, providing excellent performance in deep powder. They are made with a torsion box construction that blends edge and durability of birch sidewalls. The birch sidewall allows more pop while skiing and allows better edge hold while carving based on the internal wall core technology.

Float to the top on those deep powder days! This ski can handle high speeds yet is remarkably quick and easier to turn. If you are looking for a big mountain freeride true powder ski then you have found the perfect match.

  • Lengths: 185 & 195
  • Dimensions: 163/135/141

MSRP: $979.00

Check Availability or compare prices from other top stores by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

Smith Aura Sunglasses

By , January 18, 2012 12:04 AM

Smith Aura SunglassesIn honor of fellow free skier, visionary and friend I am recommending Sarah Burke’s favorite Smith sunglasses the Smith Aura Sunglasses.

These 70s inspired sunglasses are no fail shades. I personally like the Vintage Tourtoise/Brown color which comes with polarized lenses. The polarized lenses of these beauties will give you no glare on the brightest of sunshiny days. The Techlite Poloarized Glass lenses produce optical precision and clarity that will exceed any expectations expected. Smith can create such a lens at a 20% weight reduction over other lenses on the market.

The Aura Smith Sunglasses comes with a Anti-Reflective mirror coating which deflects back light effects. They also come with a hydrophobic coating on the lens that will repel water, dirt, grease and fingerprints.

The Aura Sunglasses are a lightweight, stylish 70’s yet modern option for your everyday eyewear. The polarized lens makes this the best choice for any situation, sunny day on the lake, those very flat lighting days while driving to the ski hill or a sunny day watching your friends huck their meat in a big mountain comp. The polarized lens will never do you wrong.

We don’t want to curse the current forecast but let’s hope we won’t need to use these sunglasses until May or June maybe even July. So please mother nature, let is snow and don’t let up until May at the earliest. We are getting desperate here.

MSPR: $178.95

Check Availability or compare prices from other top stores by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

Rossignol FKS Binding

By , January 12, 2012 1:39 AM

Rossignol FKS BindingDon’t let the color of these bindings scare you away. I was in the middle of a competition run moving from one feature to the next and I look down and I have no ski. I flexed my ski so hard it released my binding. I never looked back after that moment and will always have a Rossignol binding on my skis.

The Rossignol FKS binding is a sure bet and has helped me and fellow competitors stand atop many podiums. This binding has seven points of contact and the longest elastic travel of any binding out there. The FKS binding has elastic travel throughout the binding movement to allow room for recovery before a fall, resulting in the best prevention for pre-release binding currently on the market.

I was a little nervous the moveable or turnable heel piece would be too much for me to handle but I love it. It’s easy to click into and I feel nimble when skiing on them and trust their function and stability as a binding. The turnable heel piece accurately controls retention and the release of the binding. Basically this binding won’t release when you don’t want it to but in major crashes it’ll release to save your knees.

A special feature to this binding is that it has the shortest mounting zone available. This binding will allow your ski to flex where it naturally would making your turns more effortless and seamless and less energy will be used to make the ski do what you want it to do. The beauty of this binding is that it will allow every movement from your foot to translate directly to your ski. It comes with a dual action race toe piece providing reinforced contact in high stress areas. The Rossignol FKS binding comes in two different dins, 18 DIN and a 14 DIN and it comes with an XXL brake option to accommodate your powder ski, a necessity here in Utah.

Don’t worry, you’ll be noticed on the mountain with these bright bindings attached to your skis. Everyone will know you are a true shredder and mean business.

DIN pricing varies. Check Availability or compare prices from other top stores by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

FKS 140 MSRP: $299 | FKS 180: $439

Superfeet Premium Insoles

By , January 6, 2012 9:42 PM

Superfeet Premium InsolesThere’s something I tell everyone about skiing, your feet will never be happy. But you can tweak and add a few things to make it more bearable.

The Superfeet Premium Insoles are designed specifically for winter active footwear. The Premium Insoles will give your feet extra support and help with the shock absorption while skiing.

The Premium Insoles have the full-length REBOUND foam that has increased cushion and forefoot flex. On the base of the insole is a cap stabilizer that adds supports to the rear foot.

The top of the insole features an Outlast Adaptive Comfort layer to help regulate heat and has an order fighting treatment to reduce the smell. The upper layer has a light Thermo-Foil layer to reflect heat back to your foot to insulate against the cold.

I will never have a ski boot that doesn’t have a Superfeet Premium Insole in them. I’d suggest taking them to a store that will customize and fit them to your foot and boot. With Superfeet Premium Insoles your boot will have a much better fit, and will fit like a glove. Your feet will be warmer, happier and you will be a better skier because of your new insoles.

Retail Price: $47.95

Arc’teryx Rho LT Zip Top

By , January 3, 2012 3:03 PM

Arcteryx Rho LT Zip Top

The Arc’teryx Rho Light half zip is one of my favorite layering pieces for winter and summer activities. Typically I go up a size in the Rho because I wear a layer underneath it. It’s made to be a next to skin layer but does stretch.

The Rho has a trim fit with no-lift gusseted underarms and is woven of lightweight fibers that move moisture away from your body keeping you warm when wet. Arc’teryx included a silver fabric treatment that reacts to sweat to cut down the typical stench from sweating.

The Rho is made of Rentex™ Powerflex—Polyester/Lycra fabric blend that ensures warmth during any exercise; skiing, climbing or hiking. A laminated chest pocket comes in handy to store chap stick or car keys while out and about.

You can’t go wrong with the Arcteryx Rho Light Zip Top for any outdoor activity or to wear around town.

MSRP: $128.95 Check Availability Men’s, Women’s

Surface Skullcandy Collab Ski Pole

By , December 30, 2011 7:00 PM

Surface Skullcandy Collab Ski PoleWhen the great minds at Surface and Skullcandy collided the outcome was the Collab Ski Pole. The 2011/12 Surface Skullcandy Collab Ski Poles are made of aluminum and come with soft ply rubber grips making them easy to hang onto. These sticks come with adjustable nylon straps so they will stay in tack while hucking off those cliffs. Beware of the steel tips on the end of these poles, they can be deadly.

Recommended use is big mountain, park and pipe. They come in lengths 110cm, 115cm, 120cm and 125cm and they come with alpine baskets.

MSRP: $64.95 Check Availability at evo or

Black Diamond Starlet Ski

By , December 24, 2011 2:20 PM

Black Diamond Starlet Ski

If you are a woman looking for a great touring ski that will give you the ease of going uphill but will also hold it’s own on the way down, the Black Diamond Starlet Ski is the ski choice that will not leave you disappointed.

The Starlet is a women’s specific ski, constructed with a wide, soft-flexing & early rise tip. This tip will give you the needed float in the powder but will also slash through the crud or any variable snow condition. You’ll have enough float in the powder with an underfoot dimension of 100mm but you won’t think twice on those steep kick turn corners on the uphill climb up.

The Black Diamond Starlet Ski is built as a women’s specific torsion ally stiff flex that allows the desired stiffness. It is built with Black Diamond Formula One Technology, using three internal ribs to transmit power throughout the ski. Wood core. Available in length 156, 166 or 176.

The Starlet was Backcountry Magazine 2011 Editor’s Choice Winner.

MSRP: $699 Check Availability at or these other stores..

Dalbello Krypton Pro ID Boot

By , December 19, 2011 10:50 AM

Dalbello Krypton Pro ID BootDon’t let the color of this boot scare you away. The Krypton Pro I.D. is at the top of its class in high performance boots. It was developed for top level, aggressive expert freeride skiers and competitors. This boot comes with Dalbello’s signature Cabrio Tech three-piece design which allows skiers a smooth flex and a desired combination of support, stability and dynamic response.

Whether you are an aggressive skier or a seasoned groomer skier, the Krypton Pro I.D. boot is made to allow an adjustable flex from 100-140. A TruFit Comp Thermo-moldable liner will make this boot fit like a glove and also provide added warmth.

The Dynalink technology built into the Krypton Pro I.D. boot allows an independent function heel and instep closure that locks your foot toward the back of the boot, alleviating your heel to slide forward while in action. The interchangeable tongues and footboards make this boot the most versatile and adjustable of all the Krypton models.

Fellow skiers will know you mean business on the slopes when you bring these bad boys out to slay the mountain.

Suggested Retail $900. Check availability at: or

–> Sale Price: $699.95 <--

Bern Watts EPS Helmet

By , December 15, 2011 2:10 PM

Bern Watts EPS The Bern Watts EPS helmet is a great choice if you’re looking for a lightweight and inexpensive ski helmet. This particular model comes with a low profile visor and a removable knit liner. So when the snow stops falling and it’s time to break out the mountain bike, you have a helmet ready to go. The shell of the helmet is an ABS lightweight shell with a high impact EPS foam which is an impact Foam Expanded polystyrene hard foam interior. This type of foam will evenly distribute the force of your impact to protect you from those hard falls or tumbles while skiing or biking.

The 2012 Bern Watts EPS helmet is a 20% lighter than last years model. This helmet will keep you warm during those blustery ski days but keep you cool on the trails in the summer.

Bern EPS Helmet certifications: CPSC, ASTM F 2040, EN1077B, EN1078

Killer price on discontinued colors! Plenty in stock: $99.95 SALE @Backcount $54.97 <–

Volkl Shiro Skis

By , December 8, 2011 11:12 PM

Volkl Shiro SkisI have a new love, my recently purchased Volkl Shiro Skis. I couldn’t wait any longer for the snow to fall so I took them out on the little snow Alta currently has and decided I was hooked. These skis were amazing on the ice, crud, groomers; truly an amazing all around ski. I haven’t skied the powedr yet but I’m sure they will more than exceed my expectations.

These skis are fully rockered, carbon reinforced wood core (ash, poplar, carbon) and a sandwich construction. I was nervous for the full rocker ski but it offered a solid and stable ride and made it easy to carve a turn on the groomers and made my turns off piste easy and were quick edge to edge. Dimensions are 151/119/135mm for all lengths and are available in the lengths of 173, 183, 193cm.

If you are looking for a big mountain, all around powder ski, look no further. The Volkl Shiro is the ski for you.

MSRP: $899 Get them at for $699