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Snowbird Summer Shreddin’

By , May 22, 2013 9:13 PM

This weekend’s 12″ storm created some superb conditions at the Bird.  With only one weekend left it was great to see one last storm before it’s all over.  The skiing up high was pure untouched cream and although the lower elevation shots were a bit slushy the snow skied fast with plenty of coverage all the way to the bottom.  Snowbird is currently running the Tram, Little Cloud, and Mineral Basin Express with backcountry access into the Cirque and Baldy.  They plan to run lifts this Friday-Monday from 8-2 p.m for their final weekend.  So come get your last taste of winter before summer officially starts.

Alta Conditions Continue To Crush It

By , April 21, 2013 6:50 PM

Considering there’s only one weekend left conditions at Alta can’t be beat.  With a fresh foot from yesterday the skiing today was pretty close to EPIC.  Every aspect was skiing great and even with the warm sun the snow stayed soft and fast.  Thirds, High Boy, and West Rustler skied smooth all day.  Lower elevation slopes stayed shreddable well into the afternoon.  And areas like Eagle’s Nest, Greely, and Baldy Shoulder provided face-shots all day.  Backside was open in the morning but closed down around noon.  The forecast for the coming week looks pretty warm and dry but should provide for some fun Spring conditions for closing weekend.


Spring Dumpage Hits Alta

By , April 9, 2013 11:50 AM

Alta received a much needed face-lift yesterday with 8″ of fresh pow.  The chunder bumps underneath were still evident but with a plethora of pow pillows to dump speed in you really didn’t notice the hard pack.  The snow was soft and face-shotty and the strong winds helped to smooth things out a bit.

As of the end of the day Sunday the Supreme lift closed for the season.  It’s hard to believe the season is coming to an end so soon.  After this coming weekend Alta closes during the week but will reopen for two additional weekends (4/19-4/21 & 4/26-4/28).  Don’t forget, this Sunday is the annual High Boy party and the 3rd 2nd Annual Frank World Classic Ski Competition at Punk Rock.  Come celebrate another fantastic year at Alta!

Easter Sunday Fun-Day

By , March 31, 2013 8:41 PM

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday at Alta today.  Skies were clear, temps were warm, and the crowds were non-existent.  I was unfortunately not able to ski due to a busted rib but according to friends the skiing was pretty hit or miss depending on the hour of the day.  Main Chute and the Shoulder were open but were apparently a bit scratchy up top and bumpy throughout.  The snow seemed to take a long time to soften up but by late late afternoon conditions started to improve.  Even West Ruslter with all it’s sun exposure took till 3:00 to soften up enough to make it worth while.  Tomorrow looks to bring some wet Spring snow and with snow levels starting at 7,000 feet Alta should avoid any rain.  Happy Easter everyone!


Calah Seese – Sunrise From Hidden Peak


Powder Returns To The Wasatch

By , March 21, 2013 11:21 PM

After yesterday’s questionable pow day Mother Nature decided to up the ante dropping an additional 8″, bringing the storm total to 13″.  The snow quality wasn’t all-time but it did a great job hiding the icy chunder beneath.  It snowed most of the day keeping Baldy and Backside closed but with the limited crowds, slopes stayed empty all day.  By early afternoon Patrol opened the Keyhole gate and although the skiing was deep and untracked  the snow definitely started to set up quick.  By the end of the day skies cleared giving way to another beautiful afternoon in Alta.  Snow looks to move back in again starting tomorrow morning so keep those pow boards out!


Mashed Potatoes Meets Chunder

By , March 20, 2013 8:25 PM

The fresh mash potatoes that fell today turned Alta’s slopes around tremendously.   Even though only 5″ fell it allowed Alta Ski Patrol to reopen the High T giving the hand-full of skiers up there some decent shreddin’ options.  The viz was low and there was definitely a hard chunder layer underneath but, the random face-shots that hit you every 5th turn made you feel momentarily blissful.  There weren’t really any areas that stood out today as every aspect quickly reminded you that opening it up was not an option.  Hopefully tomorrow with tonight’s predicted snowfall we’ll be doing less bracing for the next ice bump and more charging at the next pow pillow.


Worst Days Of The Season?

By , March 18, 2013 7:37 PM

This weekend’s pathetic 2″ dump did little to help Alta’s current conditions.  The warm, soft, spring-like days from last week have now turned into sketchy bulletproof  ice.  Alta Ski Patrol has been forced to close most of Alta’s terrain including the High T.  The only gate open today was Catherine’s and based on how the rest of Alta skied I can’t imagine it was worth the short hike.  The only decent skiing we found today was off the Tower 10 Traverse in Lone Pine and High Boy.  The left wall of High Boy actually had some decent wind deposits where you could find a couple hit or miss turns of fluff.  Other than that it was a one run and done type of day.  Wednesday’s storm still looks decent with 6-10″ forecasted to fall by Thursday.  Let’s hope their right this time!

High T

Slush Runs

By , March 15, 2013 5:45 PM

Considering it’s barely mid-March, high temps coming in close to 60 degrees at Alta’s base should be heart wrenching.  However, the skiing has actually been very enjoyable.  The upper elevation snow has remained soft and smooth and even the lower shots are staying fast and fun well into the afternoon.  Alta Ski Patrol opened Baldy yesterday allowing access into Little Chute and Dog Leg for the first time this season.  Unfortunately, today they only opened Main Chute.  Backside was also closed but Thirds was a great alternative for those looking to get off the groomers.  The High T was very icy for most of the day but  the skiing off of it was well worth the hassle.  Sunday’s storm seems to be getting upgraded every time I check the forecast so hopefully a pow day is lurking in our future!

Eagle's Nest - Noah Wetzel

Eagle’s Nest – Noah Wetzel

Alta Conditions Report

By , April 10, 2012 6:17 PM

With the extremely warm temps prevailing at Alta over the past few days your typical Spring skiing conditions are in full effect.  Sunday was the last day to ride the Supreme Lift so unfortunately no more lift accessed Rocky Point laps.  Thankfully Alta Ski Patrol has been opening the Baldy Chutes this week with access into Little Chute and Dog Leg.   Today it got a little too warm to allow skiers into the upper chutes but East Baldy was open until about 1:00.  With the record breaking warm temps the snow is melting fast everywhere.  Navigating  Piss Pass is becoming difficult with more dirt and rocks appearing than snow.  Hopefully tomorrow night’s storm that is supposed to last through Saturday will give us a little extra base to pad all those rocks before next Sunday’s High Boy celebration.

A Rocky Piss Pass

Hip Jump - Mike Fillnow