NICIf you haven’t given Patagonia’s line of thermo underwear a chance yet you’ve been missing out.  Their trademark Capilene material is unmatched especially for individuals who have sensitive skin.  Unlike a lot of other thermowear out there Patagonia’s Capilene material doesn’t itch your skin when you sweat, especially if you wear their silk-weight line as your base layer.  Their thermowear also does a great job of masking those dingy B.O. smells that thermo underwear tends to attract over time.  I’ve owned an array of different thermo’s and the only ones that don’t make even my dog want to puke are my Patagonia’s.  A little bit pricier than the competitors but with a life-time warranty and unbeatable comfort you’d be silly not to give these a try.

Retail Price: $59.00

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