Today at Alta could have turned out really good had it not been for the last run of the day.  Main Chute opened for the first time this season and other than the couple of moguls in the entry the chute skied great with soft snow down the entire line.  High Boy skied chalky and fast and west-facing sunny slopes softened and skied great too.  Crowds weren’t bad at all other than on the bottlenecks of the groomers.  Check the video evidence in the edit of what went wrong last run.  Entry into High Boy is rocky but doable and I navigated successfully earlier but caught a rock that hooked my ski and sent my right leg directly onto a rock.  A small storm is set to bump Utah Friday into Saturday and I keep hearing about a real pattern change about a week or so from now.  Keep your fingers crossed for more snow, let’s cover up those rocks!

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