Not exactly sure how much snow fell at Alta yesterday but it felt like somewhere in the 6-8″ range.  The fresh snow fell as graupel and made for some great coverage in Gunsight and High Boy.  We triggered a small slide in Gunsight but nothing substantial.  Definitely be careful if you decide to head out skiing.  Backcountry conditions officially exist.

 High Boy skied a little rockier than Gunsight but still wasn’t all that bad for this early in the season.  We hit a few rocks down low but most of the upper elevation slopes are really starting to show signs of good coverage.  Although there is no major storm in the forecast temps look to remain low so decent skiing should last for another couple of days.  Be careful out there!



2 Replies to “High Boy and Gunsight Are Good to Go”

  1. Still got some snow up high. Hasn’t snowed in over a week. Calling for a storm this Monday though. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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