If you haven’t met Bill Barron on the slopes of Alta yet then now is the time to get to know him.  Bill started patrolling for Alta in 1990 and later became Deputy Marshall for the town of Alta.

In 2009, Bill created Renewable Energy Resources, a non profit organization with the intention to help facilitate ways for individuals to become more energy efficient.  Bill chose to postpone his work with his own non-profit to collaborate with the Citizens Climate Lobby.  CCL is an international non-partisan non-profit organization focused on promoting federal legislation called fee and dividend to address our human impact on the environment.

Bill is running as an unaffiliated candidate for US Senate. Bill is running as a single issue candidate focused on the need to address climate change while promoting a legislative solution which has the capacity to begin to match the scale of the problem: Carbon Fee and Dividend and create an opportunity for constituents to use their vote to make a statement of their concern for this overarching issue. “My goal is to attain 10% of the vote, 91,000 people. This would draw attention in DC and shift the way this issue is viewed. Based on the current political makeup, this is the most effective way that I can create change and highlight the moral responsibility we have as a generation to take action.”

Please visit Bill Barron’s website and get out and vote for this important issue.

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