alta-chambermaids-articleA couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of skiing with David Goodman, author of the Northeast’s backcountry “bible”. He is co-authoring a more politically minded book with a friend and they were on their way to Chicago for some interviews in support of the project. In David’s map of the US, Alta is on the way to Chicago from New England, so they stopped in for a few days in hopes of skiing the greatest snow on earth. They hit it well and were able to ski 3 fantastic days during the 40″+ storm cycle.

This was of course not David’s first trip to Alta, and his smooth tele style on high rustler showed he hasn’t lost a step. Back in 2007, David came to Alta to research an article for the now defunct Ski Press, in which he laid out his dream for his daughter: to become a chambermaid in Alta. In revisiting the article, David had the following to say:

In 2007, I visited Alta with my then-14 year old daughter Ariel. I came for the skiing, but also to plant an idea: Study hard. Go to college. And become a chambermaid. No, not at some random Day’s Inn. At Alta, of course.

Fast forward to 2014. Ariel — the girl whose pig tails blew straight back as she charged down High Boy — graduates college in May. A Vermont girl, she spent a monastic four years studying in the flatlands of Ohio (“Dad, the closest skiing is in a landfill,” she reported back glumly in her freshman year).

Ariel is thinking about what she wants to do after graduation. She says she’s undecided. Keeping her options open. As she should. But when she learned I was headed to Alta this month, Ariel sent me off with a request.

“See if they need any help next winter,” she said nonchalantly. “Let em know I’m still interested.”

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Click Here to view a pdf of the original article

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